Promius Pharma

Branding a fearless movement.

Responsible for:

Art Direction
Design System
Brand Guidelines

I established the campaign identity.

‘My Skin Matters’ is a bold, declarative digital campaign by Promius Pharma Dermatology in support of people living with conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. The positive, empowering messages of the campaign required an optimistic, engaging, and fearless aesthetic to match.

With context of the campaign’s tone and skin in mind, we established a bright & dynamic skin-tone inspired color palette; selected a strong, solid typeface to deliver primary messages; and developed an amplifier-like logo to truly declare that skin condition sufferers have “nothing to hide.”

I led the logo and visual system design for this unbranded digital campaign as Phase 1. With the aesthetic established, Phase 2 was a sole focus on building the online community, which consisted of curated quotes, life hacks, and stories from real-world ambassadors and our campaign heroes.

I also led the design of this online community in the form of a fully responsive web site and the first two months of social content across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Agency: Greater Than One